Meet CEntry Portal

Configure. Monitor. Optimise.

For almost twenty years, we’ve been working with Europe’s leading renewable energy generators. Today, CEntry Portal is deployed across all asset classes – from Wind, Solar and Biomass to HydroPower and Geothermal.

Gain critical insights you need to ensure maximum performance and minimal downtime. Linking with your onsite CEntry Device, CEntry Portal monitors the real time connectivity status of each asset, allowing you to swiftly identify and address any network issues.


Monitor the real time connectivity status of each asset, allowing you to swiftly identify and address any network issues.


View the health of your assets with clear indicators, receiving alerts when connectivity is being backed up by your CEntry Device.


Receive timely alerts and insights into potential security risks, ensuring the safety and integrity of your energy infrastructure.


Get instant notifications and detailed reports on notable downtime, allowing you to take prompt action to minimise the impact of disruptions.

CEntry Portal - Key Features

Asset management. Threat intelligence. Geospatial data. CEntry Portal brings them all together to streamline your operations, minimise risks and maximise your assets’ potential.

  • Automated asset visibility
  • Real-time threat detection 
  • Remote access security
  • User activity management
  • Tailored threat Intelligence
  • Connectivity status
  • Fast, hassle-free deployment and baselining
  • Integrates with existing architecture and IT Infrastructure
  • CVE vulnerability management and prioritisation

Complete Asset Visibility – The Core Benefits

  • Gain a precise and detailed understanding of all assets under management (AUM) – no matter how diverse your portfolio.
  • Receive detailed threat intelligence, continuously updated via passive scanning and data discovery.
  • Understand your exposure to potential attack vectors and view automated calculation of asset criticality, incorporating process and safety impact.
  • Get clarity on your asset connectivity – see how much of our 5g backup data is being utilised.

Why CEntry Portal?

  • Highest detection rates and fewest false positives in the industry.
  • Backed up by our 24/7 365 rapid response SNOC teams.
  • Comprehensive inventory of all your sites – regardless of asset class.
  • Customisable dashboard for a clear view of critical risks, alerts and network status.
  • Achieve the fastest time to value with implementation in only a few hours.

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