About us


Founded in 2022, CFP Cyber Energia counters the evolving complexity of OT systems and their increased exposure to catastrophic cyber security risks.

We specialise in the protection of renewable energy assets, providing a unique overview of your portfolio as we dynamically monitor, manage and mitigate risk via a combination of onsite hardware, advanced SaaS and 24/7 SNOC team.

Why CFP Cyber Energia?

Our extensive industry experience has made us a trusted name in renewable energy security.

We understand the state of play. Smart Grid technology is revolutionising the way that energy is manufactured and delivered, reaching consumers in a smart and sustainable way.

But while advanced operating procedures and interconnectivity save time and money on the logistics side, the complexity of these systems massively increases the attack surface. Visibility, continuity and security must become priorities.

Compliance Ready

We provide large and complex energy users with a single interface for all their energy supply and hedging needs. This includes direct access to energy markets, tailored environmental products and power management services.


With over 20 years of experience driving SaaS innovation and excellence, today Rafael is a trailblazer in the realm of OT cyber security for the renewable energy sector. His leadership has propelled CFP Cyber Energia’s growth and set a new benchmark in the industry.

Darrel brings two decades of innovative IT sector experience to CFP Cyber Energia, where his focus lies in ensuring producers of renewable energy have the cybersecurity they need to thrive in an evolving landscape. Merging technical expertise with commercial awareness, Darrel prioritises your business objectives.

A solutions-oriented Senior Software Engineer with significant experience developing, implementing and supporting complex infrastructures, Andrei’s skill lies in delivering progressive technical solutions for leaders in financial sectors and beyond. At CFP Cyber Energia, he leads our development team from the front.

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