Introducing CEntry Portal

Gain a comprehensive overview of your renewable energy infrastructure. All your assets on a single dashboard – monitor, optimise and generate reports effortlessly. CEntry Portal gives you complete visibility, so you can maximise performance, while minimising downtime.

Cybersecurity for all asset classes


CEntry Portal custom dashboard
Asset visibility and connectivity
Threat intelligence and penetration testing


24hr SNOC
Real-time response to breaches
Stay NIS-compliant


Operational continuity via onsite
CEntry Device
LTE failover and load balancer
Stay NIS 2.0 compliant

Build greater cyber resilience against

Loss of production and revenue
Damage to assets and infrastructure
Leakage of sensitive information
Regulatory non-compliance and fines
Health, safety and environmental (HSE) risk Incomplete ESG reporting

Download Network Information Security Directive (NIS 2)

How it affects your Renewable organisation and how to Level-up your IT and OT security capabilities in light of the NIS 2


Full picture. Full protection.

Comprehensive cyber security for your renewable energy assets

View with complete clarity

One clear, intuitive dashboard view of your assets – view threat intelligence and connectivity status. Easily generate reports and communicate trends.

Develop dynamic strategy

Create unique cyber security strategies – bespoke to your business operations. Lay strong, compliant OT foundations that flex as you scale.

Proactively identify risk

Take a proactive approach to safety gaps in your current operations. Identify risks in your existing cyber security, and stress test via ethical hacking.

Integrate communication

Incorporate high-speed, two-way communication technologies into your assets and operating process to facilitate counterattacks.

24/7 Safety monitoring

Our cyber security team are on call around the clock, keeping watch over your asset portfolio – predicting and responding to risk before it becomes an issue.

Rapid incident response

Respond swiftly to incidents, backed by our experienced team, conducting thorough investigation to strengthen your system against further attacks.


Overview of Cyber Energia

As recent high-profile attacks have shown, the renewables sector is, increasingly, a target for cybercrime. As cyber threats escalate and the interconnected nature of OT systems increases the attack surface, a comprehensive real-time view of your renewable energy infrastructure is essential.

CEntry Portal, the specialist SaaS platform from Cyber Energia, is the first solution to empower renewable energy professionals to monitor and optimise their assets effortlessly, providing critical insights and mitigating emerging threats before they can develop.


From solar farms and wind turbines to hydroelectric facilities and biomass plants access a holistic view of your entire asset portfolio. No more juggling multiple interfaces or logging into various systems. Meet NIS 2.0 compliance with confidence, and revolutionise the way you view, protect and report on your asset portfolio.

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